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Former Pro Bowl WR Nicknames Eagles Rookie ‘The Wizard’

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Chad Johnson

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Former Bengali PR Chad Johnson spent 11 years in the NFL.

One thing Eagles miss is players with cute nicknames. Sometimes a good man can thwart his opponent on the line of battle.

Of course there is the Green Gnome (Jelen Mills), Red Jesus (Carson Wenz) and the White Snake (Nathan Jerry). Plus the belt (Cre’Von LeBlanc), Jacquot (DeSean Jackson), gravedigger (Javon Hargrave) and big game (Darius Slay). The Eagles can now add a new one to the list: Jelen Rayhor got the nickname magician.

The newcomer from Texas Christian was nicknamed Chad Johnson’s Bowler six times earlier this week. An old Bengali star hasn’t explained why, but it seems to have something to do with Rayhor’s crazy ability to miss people in space… wave the magic wand and the poof!

Get ready, Uncle https://t.co/tu6kWcta2x.

– Reig (@jalenreagor) 16. June 2020.

It seems that for the first time in his career Reagor got another nickname than Reagor (his Twitter pen). Despite the fact that the Eagles’ first round draft pick (21 in general) at the college had a creative approach to talking about garbage. After Rayhor shrugged his shoulders and scored a 67-yard touchdown, Rayhor told reporters I should have been his son. I hope the local NFL is ready for son-tan (yeah, pun intended).

Just a nice catch and a good score @TheJalenReagor. The day after he was captured in Kansas a week ago. pic.twitter.com/fmunIJSrk0.

– 2. Dean Straka (@DWStraka49) 3. Dean Straka (@DWStraka49) November 2018.

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Reagor is ready to play outside, inside and everywhere

On Tuesday, Doug Pederson said Rayhor will start an outdoor training camp to replace DeShan Jackson. He wants the newcomer to learn everything from a Pro Bowl triple receiver before training him for other functions.

We’re going to keep him [Rayhor] in a position where he can start and grow from there, Pederson said. But one of the things that all of our beneficiaries can really do is come in, whether humans come in from the outside or the inside.

Doug Pederson says that Jaylen Rayhor will arrive first and recognize the Z position behind DeShan Jackson.

– Dave Zangaro (@DZangaroNBCS) 16. June 2020.

It was generally believed that Rayhor would be the leader of the Eagles’ attack, both inside and outside the combat zone. And he still can. All he has to do is quickly pick up a playbook and prepare a good game with Wenz. There’s nothing wrong with Rayhor. On the evening of the newsroom, a 21-year-old reporter told us that despite his short stature (1.80 m, 1.70 kg) he is versatile.

I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m good where people want to put me, just because I may not be the best, but on the outside I’m very strong, Rayhor said at the time. I play like I’m 6-4, but I’m 5-11. As I said before, when you look at me, I feel like I’m not an internal or external receiver. I’m the receiver. So I can do whatever they want.

Prepare a dead body in the terminal area

Are you kidding me? They know the Eagles like to control them, especially in the big races. Rayhor tried to get the dead man out of the end zone, where he went unnoticed. Then he jumped up, got a side jump and ran to the sideline. Unfortunately it was an illegal advance and he got a reminder.

If you try to play dead in the end zone, you can’t play 1. Throw the ball forward or 2. To accidentally find him. Picture.twitter.com/4GMMB71ldF

– Yahu Football College (@YahooSportsCFB) 29. December 2017.

But it was a serious attempt. Reagor even used a trick twice in college: in 2017 in the Alamo Bowl against Stanford and last year against Ohio, according to Dallas News. Remember that the high-speed receiver was a terror at the beginning returns to the TCU, where he scored a total of 340 yards (243 starts, 97 points) in two seasons in this role. Look out! Look out!

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