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Green  shoots visible as nation opens up, says PM Modi

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On the first day of the two-day meeting, Tuesday, Maudie spoke before the 21-year-old Union spoke to the Union’s chief minister and lieutenant governor, saying that the experience of the first two weeks of Unlock 1.0 would help the Union and state governments develop strategies for the future.

Thanks to the measures taken in recent weeks, green shoots are now visible in the economy. Energy consumption, which used to decrease, is increasing. Fertiliser sales doubled in May this year compared to May last year. This time Harif sowed 12-13% more than last time, Mrs Maudie said in a speech on Internet TV.

Heads of allied territories, northeastern states, mountainous states such as Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and opposition states such as Punjab, Jharkhand, Kerala and Chhattisgarh attended the meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting takes place in a context in which the centre buys cereals in some neighbourhoods to deal with the blockade. Critics argue that the restriction was necessary but unplanned and led to a massive exodus from the cities, and that the government’s trillion-dollar economic stimulus package ₹20 neglects the plight of unfortunate migrant workers.

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Demand for petroleum products doubled in May compared to the previous month, when the country’s largest refinery, Indian Oil Corp. (Photo: Reuters)

In view of the expected deterioration in the economic situation, the new blockade plan provides for a gradual resumption of work, for which the States have the main responsibility.

Concerns are growing as Indian factories fell by a record 55.5% in April as the industry remained closed during the first month of the national blockade.

S&P Global Ratings expects the economy to shrink by 5% in the year 21, while the World Bank predicts a decline of 3.2%.

After the blockade, the Indian economy is gradually trying to return to normal life. Demand for electricity and total energy demand in India, which stood at zero, is also slowly returning to pre-block levels. Consumption of energy – in particular electricity and petroleum products – is generally linked to overall economic demand.

It is a fact that India has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world. States expressed their confidence in India’s ability to cope with its consequences and take care of its economy. Unlock 1.0 has taught us that the crown can do us the least harm if we follow all the rules, Maudie said.

The meeting took place against the background of long-standing tensions on the de facto Line of Control (LAC) between India and China, with one Indian army officer and two soldiers killed in the Ladakh Galwan region.

The more we try to fight the coronavirus, the more important our economic activity will be, the more our markets will open up… After three consecutive months of falling exports, exports recovered in June and exceeded the pre-crisis level of the previous year. These figures encourage us to take further action, according to Mrs Maudie, who mentions figures for digital toll increases, toll collection and the production of two-wheeled vehicles, which are around 70% of pre-bankruptcy levels.

The Mint issued a report on the 5th. In June, traffic congestion, power generation, port operations, vehicle registration and other high-frequency data point to an economic recovery as India recovers from a devastating slowdown, factories are closed and people are encouraged to stay at home in the midst of a pandemic.

Demand for petroleum products doubled in May of last month, said the country’s largest refinery, Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. as India’s economic engine recovered with the easing of the embargo.

Capacity utilisation, which had been reduced to 39 % at the beginning of the foreclosure, has now fallen to 83 %.

In the 21 Allied states and territories, whose leaders Maudie met on Tuesday, more than 19,000 new cases of coronavirus and more than 130 deaths have occurred.

The governments of the Member States consider that, although the situation is somewhat under control, more controls should be carried out.

This is the sixth round of the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Prime Ministers since the first round on 20 October. Mars.

It was found that five States accounted for two thirds of all cases, with large cities representing the overwhelming majority according to a government statement.

Since the 8th. In June, India gradually opened up its economy, which will increase economic activity to boost consumption.

States consider it necessary to lift the embargo gradually and to maintain a delicate balance between opening up economic activities and strengthening controls.

However, concerns remain about the pandemic.

In India, according to a research report by Morgan Stanley, the number of daily cases of Covid-19 has further increased from 14 to 19. June.

At present, however, we believe that the Philippines, India and Indonesia are likely to lag behind Kovid-19 in terms of management results: As said, the number of daily cases of Kovid-19 does not leave much to be desired, according to the report.

Gyan Varma contributed to this story.

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