CocoHigh’s Veekas Doshi and Third Unicorn’s Ashneer Grover Delve into the Founders’ Impact on Business Dynamics

CocoHigh’s Veekas Doshi and Third Unicorn’s Ashneer Grover Delve into the Founders’ Impact on Business Dynamics

“CocoHigh and Third Unicorn Founders, Veekas Doshi and Ashneer Grover, Exchange Valuable Business Insights in Surat”

Surat (Gujarat) [India], November 7: In an insightful discussion with Third Unicorn tech start up founder Ashneer Grover shared his perspectives on the role of founders in the world of business. The conversation took place in Surat at a gathering organised by WorkSpace Co and led by Ayush Marodia along with Veekas Champalal Doshi, Founder and Director of CocoHigh, a luxury beverage company that is carving a niche with its unique beverages.

Under Veekas Doshi’s leadership, CocoHigh is redefining the beverage industry with a focus on taste, quality, and an immersive experience. The journey of CocoHigh began with a simple but innovative idea: to create the world’s first globally cherished melted chocolate beverages. What started as an introduction to Surat’s renowned cold coco drink, quickly became the beginning of a luxury beverage brand. CocoHigh’s core belief is that a great beverage should not only tantalise the taste buds but also evoke emotions and memories, and this philosophy has guided the creation of a range of delightful flavours.

Starting with luxury melted chocolate beverages, CocoHigh has expanded to flavoured milk, energy drinks, iced coffee, and more. Whether one is looking for a quick pick-me-up, an energy boost, or just a refreshing drink to enjoy, CocoHigh’s range of beverages is perfect for any occasion. Going ahead, CocoHigh is all set to launch new products like juices, juices with Nate de Coco, water, and more.

“At CocoHigh, we are dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier lives, one sip at a time. We are committed to creating a community of health-conscious people who recognise the value of giving their bodies the best possible nutrition and building CocoHigh into a brand that offers exactly the same,” says Veekas Doshi, who is a passionate advocate for health-conscious living.

CocoHigh has received awards such as “The Most Innovative Product of India” and “Fast Emerging Startup of India” from TPCI, Iconic product of India, Dadasaheb Falke product of the year and many more.

In his conversation with Ashneer Grover, Veekas Doshi explored the role of founders in the business world and questioned the value they bring to the table. Ashneer Grover, known for his insightful perspective, responded by emphasising that founders are responsible for arranging capital, labour, technology, and enterprise for a business. He also highlighted the misconception that founders merely enjoy the fruits of others’ hard work, and called for greater education and appreciation of the pivotal role played by founders in bringing people together to manage a business.

Ashneer Grover also shared that the key to his success lies in connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture. He underscored the value of hard work, stating that there is no secret to success except a relentless dedication to the task at hand.