Visionary Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Visionary Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.

New Delhi (India), November 23: In honour to recognise the power of women entrepreneurs who have broken the barriers and building the future of Young leaders reshaping the business landscape. Here, we are featuring insights from 10 extraordinary women entrepreneurs in alphabetical order. Let these voices inspire – a celebration of their journey, vision and impact in a world where women lead with innovation and determination.

1. Divya Dang, Founder – LearNowX

Divya Dang’s journey as a founder of LearNowX, the skill development training CSR arm of Cloud Analogy, has been an incredible experience since its inception in 2021. In a short span of time, LearnowX has made a significant impact by benefiting over 300 students and helping them acquire in-demand skills, fostering their personal and professional growth.

Divya has been on a challenging yet fulfilling journey to create an inclusive platform that empowers individuals by providing them with the necessary training and skills. LearNowX has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between industry requirements and the skill set possessed by students, preparing them for the professional world. She says the success of LearNowX can be attributed to the dedicated team of trainers, mentors and partners like Vineet Verma, Harshvardhan Misra and Mohit Kumar who have been instrumental in delivering high-quality training programs. Looking ahead, the aim is to continue expanding LearNowX’s reach, reaching out to more students, and helping them unlock their true potential. Divya’s journey has taught them valuable lessons and solidified their commitment to empowering individuals through skill development.

2. Kiran Dham, CEO – Globus Infocom Limited

Kiran Dham, the visionary leader at the helm of Globus Infocom Limited, is a driving force in the realm of education technology. Her leadership has propelled this Make in India Company to the forefront of education technology solutions, emphasizing innovation as its cornerstone. With a profound impact on the educational landscape, Globus Infocom’s solutions are trusted by over 20,000 schools and universities.

In her illustrious 15-year tenure in the education technology sector, Ms. Dham has not only led but has passionately realized her dream of creating an accessible education environment. The company’s commitment to accessibility and affordability has made a tangible difference in the educational journeys of students across geographies. Under her guidance, Globus Infocom has become a changemaker, enabling educators and learners to seamlessly integrate technology into their pedagogical approaches. As a leader, Ms. Dham consistently empowers every individual associated with Globus; she genuinely feels that learning is an ongoing process and knowledge has no boundaries.

3. Manishaa Soin, Founder – GoPillz

Manishaa Soin’s mom’s COVID diagnosis and the ensuing mayhem led to GoPillz. Faced with the stress of a diagnosis and the emotional burden of navigating protocols, appointments, lab tests, and remote medication orders, the founder recognized the need for an affordable care assistant. GoPillz, a vernacular digital care assistant, addresses the challenges faced by stressed caregivers by offering treatment management, guidance, real-time alerts, and non-intrusive care automation remotely.

GoPillz was incorporated on November 22, 2022, with active development starting in December. As the founder’s third venture after ihealthkonnect and CanceRX, GoPillz aims to make a meaningful difference in healthcare. She got shortlisted as one of the hundred women transforming India by Startup India, the National Startup Award by Invest India (20’20) by the Govt. of India, and now as one of the Top 100 startups to watch out for in India by IDFC. Manishaa loves strength training, swimming, and yoga.

4. Nidhi Singh, Co-Founder – Samosa Singh

 “Think big, trust yourself,and make it happen.”

This is the mantra that Mrs. Nidhi Singh, co-founder of Samosa Singh, lives by. Her goal is to recreate and dominate the Indian snack category. Furthermore, her extensive experience in marketing, sales, corporate strategy, planning, and development has enabled her to establish strong global client bases that have assisted in reaching out at the corporate level for the business’s growth potential. Her management and sales experience aided exponential growth and were critical in steering the start-up by establishing a strong and healthy brand image.

Samosa Singh is one of India’s leading food and beverage services companies. It is a widely loved Indian snack brand focused on becoming India’s “SnacKing”. Incepted in 2016, with the objective of reinventing the king of Indian snacks, the samosa, Samosa Singh is presenting the snack to its customers in new and exciting ways. Samosa is a snack that has a unique place in the Indian snacking world.

5. Pratiksha Ratna, CEO & Founder – Gravid Mother and Baby Pvt. Ltd

Pratiksha Ratna, an emotionally intelligent and visionary leader, has ventured into the entrepreneurial realm with Gravid Mother and Baby Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering health tech company. Drawing inspiration from her personal pregnancy and motherhood journey, Ratna identified critical challenges faced by women during this phase. After extensive conversations with mothers and experts, she recognized the vast potential in the maternal health segment. Gravid is founded on the belief that informed guidance, a supportive community, and technology can ease challenges related to infertility, pregnancy, postpartum depression, and other maternal health issues.

Gravid provides on-demand solutions through an expert-led tech platform, fostering a non-judgmental community for mothers to share experiences and seek guidance. Offering a range of services from pre-conception to motherhood, Gravid aims to be a household name in maternal health by prioritizing women’s well-being for a healthy and happy family.

Empower your motherhood journey with Gravid, where guidance meets technology!

6. Preethika Pavirala, Founder and President- Vaitalika Foundation, Co-Founder – Iskara

Preethika Pavirala is a 12th grader from Sreenidhi International School. She is the founder of the Vaitalika Foundation, a nonprofit that works to preserve South Asian cultural art forms by supporting underprivileged artists and reconnecting individuals to their roots. Through this initiative, she provides Kuchipudi and Sangeetham classes to orphans and supports rural women artisans while hosting fundraising events for the youth. Vaitalika currently has 120+ volunteers aged 12–18 across six global branches, and she is actively working to grow it further. Along with this, she is the co-founder of Iskara, a traditional skin and hair care social enterprise that holds cultural preservation, sustainability, and mental well-being at its core. She employs rural women and supports local farmers through her products, while using ingredients with stress-relieving properties to make a positive difference for her customers.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, she hopes to continue down this path of learning while growing Vaitalika and Iskara while supporting many other women in their journeys.

7. Dr. Shreyasi Sharma, Founder & Director – Fetal Medicine and Genetics Centre

Dr. Shreyasi is an alumnus of the prestigious PGI, Chandigarh, and is accredited by the FMF (UK) for fetal ultrasounds. Passionate about increasing awareness of fetal medicine and providing the same standards of care available internationally to Indian pregnant women, she founded the Fetal Medicine and Genetics Centre at Gurgaon, which provides comprehensive maternal and fetal care. The center utilizes best-in-class technology with high skill levels of clinicians to provide a safe treatment environment for pregnant women.

Within a short span of time, her center has become a go-to place for the most complex fetal medicine cases, which include interventions such as intrauterine blood transfusion to the fetus, fetal reduction through laser, fetal reduction through RFA, vescico amniotic shunt procedures, and pleurocentesis. She is a recognized speaker on the subject and has numerous national and international publications. She also runs long-term fellowships to transfer her knowledge to young doctors.

8. Sweeti Chaudhary, CEO & Founder – Onekee Co. & Moglox Media

Sweeti Chaudhary started OneKee Co. three years ago with a mission to empower women. Not only does she run a successful business, but she also believes in supporting other women by hiring an all-woman team.

As the founder and CEO of OneKee, a dynamic company specializing in human resources and management, Sweeti faced numerous ups and downs. Amid the uncertainties of the pandemic, she found herself at the helm of OneKee. As the world grappled with economic shifts and remote work challenges, Sweeti adeptly steered her company through uncharted waters. Her leadership not only sustained OneKee but also propelled it to new heights, which helped her start a new firm, Moglox Media, a company specializing in social media management. Her journey is a testament to her determination, strategic vision, and the ability to overcome adversity.

9. Uma Mansharamani, Founder – Tajurba Business Network P. Ltd., Life & Business Coach

Uma Mansharamani, founder of Tajurba, acknowledges, honors, and celebrates women entrepreneurs in all business spheres. We are helping MSME businesses and women founders steer ahead by taking charge of their lives and businesses, identifying barriers, developing an indomitable mindset, and providing a supportive, nurturing learning and growth environment full of positivity, mentorship, and handholding to gain big vision, scale their businesses to new heights, and succeed in life and business.

Establishing strong brands for their products or services, besides an iconic personal brand, will help women entrepreneurs to create preferential recall value in the minds of their target customers. Women can lead in any sphere they excel in and make a sustainable, growing, and profitable billion-dollar business empire by strategically working on the continuous self-improvement and growth of their business ventures.

With Lots of Love and Best Wishes!

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