17-yr-old TIGP Queen Sandhya Sattanathan is the 1st Indian to win the crown of Teen International World 2023 in USA

17-yr-old TIGP Queen Sandhya Sattanathan is the 1st Indian to win the crown of Teen International World 2023 in USA

New Delhi (India), November 27: In a dazzling culmination of poise, grace, and unwavering determination, Sandhya Sattanathan has etched her name in history as the first Indian to clinch the prestigious Teen International World crown. The glittering event, held in Florida, USA, unfolded as a coronation of this hardworking and dedicated teenager not just a pageant winner but a symbol of triumph. It was the victory of her dreams against all odds.

Sandhya’s journey was marked by challenges throughout. Hailing from the culturally rich city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, she always wondered where her love for performing arts would lead her. As a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, she loved to emote and express herself through art. This kindled her interest in modelling and pageantry. But the lack of opportunities often haunted her. She was also mocked for her dusky skin, which made her a victim of low self-esteem.

She not only fought these mindset battles but groomed herself with The International Glamour Project, where she won the National Title of TIGP Miss Teen India 2021. Due to a technical difficulty in procuring a visa, she couldnt represent her country the following year. After a long wait and more grooming & training, she prepared herself for the International Pageant, clinching the Teen International World crown for India on 22nd October 2023. Bahamas came close, earning the Runner up position.

Sandhya’s victory resonates as a testament to her indomitable spirit. The world watched in awe as she captivated the stage, embodying the diversity, strength, and unique beauty of India. She competed in various rounds such as Introduction Round, Interview Round, Swimwear Round, National Costume Round as well as Evening Gown Round. The International Platform gave her an opportunity to interact and learn from contestants from different parts of the world like USA, Canada, Bahamas, Haiti, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Uruguay, Ukraine and more

In the quest for the Teen International World 2023 crown, Sandhya’s journey extended far beyond the stage. A dedicated fashion design student, she seamlessly blended creativity with style during each round, showcasing her multifaceted personality. Her commitment to a holistic lifestyle, rooted in a fervent passion for fitness, underscored not only personal choices but also a broader philosophy of well-being making her a role model for teenagers across the globe.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Sandhya’s narrative is her ability to rise above societal norms and beauty standards. In a world often preoccupied with superficial ideals, she stood firm against the currents of bias and criticism. Unfairly targeted for her dusky skin and petite frame, Sandhya transformed these challenges into sources of strength, proving that true beauty emanates from character and determination.

The support of Sandhya’s family, especially her dedicated mother, Mrs. Vidula, played an instrumental role in her journey to victory. Convincing her father and other family members to rally behind her dreams showcased not only Sandhya’s tenacity but also the transformative power of familial support.

The intensive three-year training with The International Glamour Project® (TIGP®) played a pivotal role in refining Sandhya’s skills, shaping her into the poised and confident pageant queen that graced the global stage in USA. The rigorous mentorship and preparation she received from the Founders & Mentors of TIGP, Dr.Akshata Prabhu and Dr.Swaroop Puranik were evident in every stride, gesture, and response, solidifying her status as a formidable contender.

Beyond the realm of pageantry, Sandhya’s impact reverberates through the fashion industry. After being crowned Teen International World 2023, she immediately received 2 international invitations. One to endorse a USA-based eyewear Brand & the other to be a Special Guest at the Miss Venezuela Pageant. Sandhya continues her journey as a Global Ambassador & an International Model, making her country and family extremely proud.

As she returns to Chennai with the title of Teen International World 2023, India revels in the glory of Sandhya’s historic win, the nation celebrates not just a crown but the embodiment of resilience, empowerment, and the unyielding pursuit of aspirations. Sandhya’s victory is a chapter in the ongoing narrative of India’s cultural richness and diversity, shining a spotlight on the talent and strength that emanates from its vibrant communities.

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