Meet 20 Influential Personalities inspiring generations and driving the change in 2023

Meet 20 Influential Personalities inspiring generations and driving the change in 2023

New Delhi (India), December 14: In a world marked by innovation and change, 2023 sees the rise of 20 influential personalities transcending boundaries and driving transformative shifts in various fields. From guiding new mothers to envisioning sustainable consumer brands, each leaves an indelible mark. These trailblazers, spanning finance, education, photography, and interior design, inspire generations, shaping a future defined by resilience, vision, and positive change. Delving into their stories reveals a tapestry of influence paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

1. Dr. Tanima Singhal

Dr. Tanima Singhal is a guiding force for new mothers, specializing in breastfeeding challenges in today’s fast-paced world. As the dedicated Lactation Consultant and owner of Maa-Si Care Clinic, she provides personalized online and offline support, addressing issues from low milk supply to latching difficulties. Maa-Si Care clinic is a nurturing haven offering robust assistance, supported by a team of lactation consultant doctors, a technical office team, and a community of mothers. Beyond individual consultations, she shares her expertise through insightful webinars on childbirth, lactation, and parenting. Featured on national television and published in leading online portals, Dr. Singhal’s impactful contributions empower over 35K+ mothers with essential knowledge for informed decisions, ensuring a resilient foundation for their children.

2. Sitla Thakur

Sitla Thakur, the Chief Business Officer at FundBezzie www.fundbezzie. com emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of New Age Investment Products. At FundBezzie, a unique B2B2C platform, Sitla orchestrates a paradigm shift in the investment landscape, particularly in Debt-based products, promising returns that outshine traditional Fixed Deposits by 50% to 60%. Setting FundBezzie apart from competitors, Sitla pioneers in strong collaborations for market-independent products guided by robust risk management and enhanced due diligence. With a wealth of 15 years’ experience spanning Banking, Finance, Real Estate, and Investments, Sitla continues to explore innovative avenues for high returns with minimal risk, making him a noteworthy influencer in the finance arena. As a certified financial advisor, Sitla’s commitment to learning underscores his dedication to steering clients towards optimal financial solutions.

3. Aayushi Garg

Aayushi Garg, a Chartered Accountant and passionate Trainer & Career Coach, spearheads a mission to revolutionize how India studies. With a focus on efficient and smart study techniques, Aayushi empowers students to ace exams without exhaustive hours of study. Her impact extends to people of all ages—students, working professionals, housewives—guiding them to achieve dream qualifications and degrees. What sets Aayushi apart is her holistic approach. Beyond academic success, she aims to cultivate a positive transformation, helping individuals become better versions of themselves for a successful and fulfilling life and career. Having influenced over 12,000 through her training programs, Aayushi stands as an influential personality who left a corporate career to shape a brighter educational future for others.

4. Altamash Sid

Altamash Sid, a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in performance marketing, blogging, consulting, and entrepreneurship, emerges as a dynamic force reshaping the industry landscape. Specializing in high-spend scaling strategies with a remarkable weekly budget of $1.5 million, Altamash excels in performance and growth marketing. With extensive 10+ years of experience, he uniquely manages end-to-end digital marketing and media architecture, catering to clients globally. Altamash is not just an influential marketing strategist scaling businesses; he’s a digital pioneer with a decade of experience. Beyond the numbers, Altamash has built a thriving agency with 250+ clients and a substantial online presence, sharing insights, and training over 500+ interns in digital marketing. 

5. Pyush Lohia

Pyush Lohia, the dynamic Director at Lohia Global, is a visionary shaping innovation across diverse sectors. With an extensive portfolio encompassing realty, renewable technology, retail, and automobiles, Pyush takes a hands-on approach in steering subsidiaries and companies. His distinctive edge lies in multifaceted knowledge and exposure across industries, setting him apart from competitors. A committed family man, avid traveler, and sports enthusiast, Pyush holds degrees in Supply Chain Management and Business Administration from Arizona State University. Venturing into the real estate market and pushing boundaries in renewable energy, Pyush brings unparalleled expertise to Lohia Global. Orchestrating customer-centric activities in marketing, operations, and technology, Pyush establishes an unmatched benchmark for success in each sector. Beyond professional pursuits, Pyush draws inspiration from family, sports, and global exploration.

6. Shweta Ojha

Shweta Ojha, Founder of “Crafting Your Story” and a LinkedIn Personal Branding Strategist, is dedicated to empowering CXOs, Founders, Professionals, Freelancers, and Trainers to organically grow their brands on LinkedIn. Setting herself apart, Shweta focuses on achieving better visibility, expert positioning, higher credibility, and generating organic inbound leads for her clients. At “Crafting Your Story,” the approach centers on strategic planning and execution, identifying strengths, target audiences, and unique value propositions to create a compelling personal brand message that builds thought leadership. As an influential personality, Shweta’s journey from homemaker to agency owner at 41 showcases determination and resilience. Her courage to inspire through her story serves as a testament to women, making her a beacon of influence.

7. Devarchita Das

Devarchita Das, a multifaceted professional, is an entrepreneur, photographer, cinematographer, director, and social worker. Renowned for his cinematography in music videos for Zee Music Company, Volume, and various YouTube channels, he has shot celebrity weddings and over 1000 weddings and pre-weddings in his career. As the founder of companies specializing in ad films, wedding films, travel films, and documentaries, Devarchita stands out by fostering a unique goal – spreading real education for the younger generation. His teaching approach combines photography and cinematography with valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of moments. Devoid of competition, Devarchita values precious moments over everything. A blend of hard work and smart work, he dedicates himself to real education, teaching skills and techniques while actively participating in social events to educate people about life, science, and technology.

8. Ar. Anuja Marudgan

Ar. Anuja Marudgan, a Sinhgad College of Architecture alumna, stands as the Principal architect at Ikigai Studio, Pune. Her role encompasses not only design services but also the strategic oversight of the studio’s business aspects. Anuja’s philosophy is rooted in crafting spaces that leave an indelible mark on clients’ lives, viewing architecture as an amalgamation of design, art, culture, engineering, and aesthetics. Setting herself apart, Anuja brings a methodical and artful approach to design, transforming spaces into living, breathing experiences that reflect the essence of architecture. As a trailblazer reshaping the architectural landscape with a mix of science and art, Anuja’s work goes beyond functionality, offering a profound way to experience the spaces around us.

9. Khalid Shamim

Khalid Shamim, a seasoned Senior Wealth Manager, possesses over 15 years of expertise in crafting secure, customized financial strategies. His unique approach involves understanding clients’ goals, risk tolerance, and life situations to create plans that prioritize both growth and protection. What sets Khalid apart is the integration of innovative technology, profound market insights, and an unwavering commitment to education through Quadra Wealth. Quadra Wealth’s proprietary software ensures clients access the best financial options available, while Khalid’s leadership and expertise shape effective strategies for superior wealth management. As an influential figure, Khalid’s collaboration with global banks and a prestigious Swiss boutique bank has elevated his international exposure, allowing him to offer diverse, world-class financial solutions.

10. Deepak Bansal

Deepak Bansal, a dynamic businessman, leads a Sai Ram Agritech private limited company with a focus on creating a thriving empire. Sai Ram Agritech private limited is Agrochemicals manufacturing company. With a skilled team, he excels in team management, goal-setting, and achieving milestones while building trust with customers. Constantly in pursuit of knowledge, Deepak differentiates himself from competitors by prioritizing customer engagement, delivering personalized experiences, and utilizing data-driven insights for tailored campaigns. His approach emphasizes transparent communication, exceptional post-sales support, and adaptive strategies based on customer feedback. As an influential personality, Deepak masterfully navigates the realms of sales and marketing. His dynamic strategies and compelling narratives not only drive sales but also shape perceptions, inspiring lasting brand loyalty. Beyond his professional prowess, Deepak possesses strong communication skills, empathy, adaptability, strategic thinking, resilience, and a deep understanding of customer needs.

11. Yogesh Bajirao Sonar

Yogesh Bajirao Sonar, a Google & Microsft Certified Digital Marketing Trainer, has enriched the lives of over 10,000 students and 100+ startups, in all over the world. Going beyond conventional training, Yogesh focuses on empowering the physically disabled (divyang), underprivileged, and housewives with work-from-home opportunities through digital marketing online training. His commitment to current industry trends, such as social media,blogging,SEO,YouTube marketing, and more, reflects in his training approach.Inspired by visionaries like Ratan Tata and Bill Gates, Yogesh aspires to contribute positively to the nation by enabling smartphone users, regardless of education, to earn and become self-reliant. Learn online or offline or join me to contribute for this initiative at: yogeshsonar.nmu@gmail. com or contact : 9595421670.

12. Avisekh Sharma

Mr. Avisekh Sharma, a distinguished entrepreneur, serves as the founder and investor in the Fintech and IT business sectors, fintech brands like NextBigBox & Bharat Fincare. With a robust background in finance and technology, he has bridged the gap between these domains, establishing ventures that showcase his visionary leadership. Avisekh’s commitment to innovation and strategic investments has propelled his businesses to success, leaving a significant impact on the fintech and information technology industries. Originating from a humble background, he commenced his career in banking, contributing to top banks in India before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Avisekh Sharma stands as an influential personality, shaping the landscape of both Fintech and IT businesses.

13. Deepak Kumar Pani

Meet Deepak Kumar Pani, the visionary founder of Digitalratha, a performance-based digital marketing agency. As a seasoned digital marketer, Deepak stands as an expert in funnel optimization, transforming cold traffic into hot buyers with precision. His holistic approach sets him apart, seamlessly integrating performance-based strategies and crafting strategic journeys that maximize conversions at every stage. More than just a marketer, Deepak is the architect of transformative digital experiences, where each click catalyzes unprecedented growth. His influence is tangible, having steered over 50 clients to 7-figure milestones within a year, showcasing a proven formula for exponential business growth. Digitalratha, under Deepak’s guidance, is synonymous with digital success that goes beyond driving traffic to architecting a pathway to extraordinary success.

14. Ranjan Kundu

Meet Mr. Ranjan Kundu, an international award-winning photographer with a stellar 6-year career and a repertoire spanning portrait, fashion, fine arts, and street photography. Notably, he is the first Indian photographer to achieve the Platinum Award in the European Photography Awards and the sole Indian to secure 1st place in the Umbra International Photography Awards. Ranjan’s educational journey includes a Professional Diploma in NASA System Engineering, a B.Tech in ECE, and an MBA in HR from IBMI, Berlin, Germany. Beyond photography, he holds certifications in AR, VR, A.I., LEAN SIX SIGMA, CISSP, CCBA, CAPM, PMI-ACP, and a Google Certified Expert. Renowned as “Mr. CHECKMATE,” his impactful photo-frame has earned him accolades globally. Ranjan’s influence extends to international exhibitions, exhibited in USA, London, Romania, and Greece.

15. Mr. Yash Suryavanshi

Meet Mr. Yash Suryavanshi, a multifaceted professional excelling as a Professional Trader, Finance and Visa Consultant, and Philanthropist. As an angel investor, Yash goes beyond financial support, guiding startups to sustainable profitability. In finance, he distinguishes himself by prioritizing clients over commissions, ensuring responsible portfolio management. His visa consultancy services stand out with a commitment to charging reasonable fees, providing a seamless application experience. Yash’s expertise extends to real estate, advising business individuals on national and international investments. As a dynamic CEO leading Technocyber Finance Consultancy, Yash embodies decisive, impactful leadership, prioritizing outcomes and embracing innovation. His journey from a private loan to a successful trader is a testament to his inspiring trajectory.

16. Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka

Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka shines as a prominent figure in 2023, making remarkable contributions across philanthropy, business, and social impact. Renowned for his diverse efforts, he stands as a beacon of inspiration. Leading the Aneel Murarka Foundation, Dr. Murarka actively supports initiatives in education, healthcare, and community development, showcasing a hands-on approach to uplift the underprivileged. As the founder of Ample Missiion, his visionary leadership fuels various ventures, fostering economic growth sustainably. He serves as a catalyst for change, fostering collaborations to address societal challenges comprehensively. Dr. Murarka’s national and international recognition underscores his outstanding achievements in philanthropy, business, and social responsibility. Beyond tangible contributions, his mentorship and motivational endeavors empower the next generation, shaping leaders and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change globally in 2023.

17. Gopal S Agrawal

Gopal S Agrawal, Founder Director of GSA Fin Ventures Pvt Ltd, is a leading figure in wealth management and financial empowerment. His role at GSA involves building client relationships, understanding financial goals, and providing tailored investment solutions. Gopal’s distinctive approach sets him apart – he doesn’t just advise, but empowers clients to make their money work efficiently, guiding them toward financial freedom. With proven expertise, GSA ensures expert advice, tailored solutions, and a track record of success. Beyond finance, Gopal is dedicated to social service, contributing to ISKCON and voluntarily teaching at an MBA college in Capital Markets, showcasing his commitment to education and community welfare.

18. Khushboo Shah

Khushboo Shah, the co-founder and visionary force behind The Mark Decor, has been making significant strides in the realm of interior design through her distinctive approach that transcends fleeting trends and immerses the senses. Upholding a steadfast belief in the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, Khushboo, along with her all-female team at The Mark Decor, has revolutionized the very essence of interior design. Very recently, Khushboo spoke at TEDx Mahanagar, realizing a long-held dream she passionately manifested years ago. She has also been named amongst the 35 under 35 by Entrepreneurs Today Magazine and featured on its cover!. Khushboo transcends the role of a mere interior designer; she emerges as a visionary, a trailblazer, and an artist whose creations endure the test of time.

19. Elina Dayal

Elina Dayal, a philanthropic educational visionary, founded Siddhantam Heritage School, Ghaziabad. It is being run under the aegis of Slate Share Educational Technology Society. One school embraces cutting-edge educational tools and methodologies by leveraging the philanthropy and expertise of Professionals from IIT & IIM, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality. The vision is to provide excellent and multi-development education to all, incorporating an innovative and affordable education system where learning is the case. 

Siddhantam Heritage School strives to make education inclusive, fostering a learning environment that empowers every student, regardless of economic constraints. The educational philosophy is based on ten time-tested principles encompassing strong moral and value-based education. (Visit us at siddhantamschool. com to know more)

20. Karan Jain

Karan Jain, Founder & CEO of Huedlife Private Limited, is at the forefront of developing India’s next-generation sustainable consumer brands. Leading the growth of PURETIVE, a brand dedicated to pure plant-based nutrition and wellness products, he is committed to genuine products and transparent advertising. TOTALROUTINE. co, India’s inaugural brand for holistic men’s routines, showcases Karan’s innovative approach. Watch out for his upcoming venture, Humbly and Outer Space Care. A thought leader in branding, design thinking, and marketing, Karan has been featured in global interviews and podcasts. With a global client base of over 150 clients in the US & APAC, he has not just founded successful companies but also contributing to innovative startup boards. His vision is to revolutionize consumption habits and positively impact 5 million lives in the next 5 years.

In the tapestry of 2023’s influencers, these 20 individuals stand as pillars, weaving diverse narratives of change. From dedication to specific needs to commitment to sustainable choices, each symbolizes the transformative power of passion. Reflecting on their journeys, their impact extends beyond fields, resonating with generations and embodying the spirit of positive change. In their collective narrative, 2023 emerges as a canvas painted with innovation, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of a better future.

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