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Is Harley Quinn the mother of the Son of Gold Booster?

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Now that DC Comics has determined to place Booster Gold and Harley Quinn collectively in her solo comedian, followers of each characters are cautious of the fallout from the matchup. For Harley, her romance with Poison Ivy, which had been cultivated (no pun supposed) for years, seems useless within the water, on account of Heroes in Disaster and/or the Harley and Ivy miniseries and/or editorial meddling. That relationship, which is canon now on the Harley Quinn animated collection, will in all probability come again round within the comics quickly sufficient. However for Booster, there is a probably longer-lasting impact of his romance with Harley.

That’s, an older, future model of Booster Gold as soon as revealed that he has a son. The truth is, his son is Rip Hunter who, due to the magic of time-travel, is one in every of Booster’s mentors in the entire Time Masters enterprise. So, as with all lady who enters right into a relationship with Booster, we’ve got to ask: does this imply Harley may very well be Rip Hunter’s mother?

For the uninitiated: Through the second quantity of Booster Gold, which launched out of the occasions of 52, Rip Hunter was revealed to be Booster Gold’s son…however the identification of his mom remained secret. She was referenced typically in the course of the subsequent fifty or so problems with Booster Gold, Time Masters: Vanishing Level and different titles that includes the characters, however by no means named, and few hints had been even given.

One common concept is that Rip’s mom is perhaps Alexandra Gianopoulos, a Greek heiress Booster first encountered on the Flashpoint Earth, whose thoughts or soul or one thing appeared to make its approach over to the Vanishing Level after Booster and Skeets left that world. A girl resembling Gianopoulos appeared on the preliminary, solicited cowl of Justice League Worldwide #1 within the New 52, however she was later changed by Godiva. Due to this switcheroo, and a few minor flirtation between the characters in the course of the ebook’s run, some followers additionally guessed that Godiva is perhaps Rip’s mother.

“I’ve been round lengthy sufficient the place edicts have been issued that say universes die, no extra time journey, however oh wait now we will…and I simply assume characters dwell on in a approach,” Jurgens advised 5 years in the past, when requested why he hadn’t merely revealed his plans on Twitter or one thing. “Actually with Convergence, what we did is we form of tweaked Booster Gold’s origin and we additionally confirmed what occurred to Booster Gold from the pre-Flashpoint universe….I all the time take a look at it and say there’s going to be an opportunity sooner or later, sometime one way or the other, to present these solutions.”

All of that mentioned — might Harley Quinn actually be the mom of Rip Hunter?

Nearly definitely not.

Even when the Harley Quinn collection didn’t typically seem to exist in its personal actuality the place ties to DC continuity are tenuous, it is believable, if unlikely, that the Batman workplace and the Harley Quinn inventive crew do not even learn about Rip Hunter’s parentage or that Booster has a child. Apart from Jurgens, who created Booster, and Geoff Johns, who wrote the Rip Hunter twist throughout his run on the comedian, few different creators at DC appear to pay any consideration to the mythology of Booster, opting as an alternative to see him as an ineffectual boob, an impression created by the Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatteis Justice League books of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Within the Booster Gold comics by Johns and Jurgens, that notion of Booster being a dimwit is one thing the character fosters with a view to scale back the chances {that a} time-traveling villain will attempt to homicide him as a child or one thing like that. So, mainly, most DC writers aren’t writing Booster Gold as offered by Johns, Jurgens, et. al. They’re writing Booster as his personal cowl story.

The handful of flashbacks to Rip’s childhood that occurred in Booster Gold and Time Masters: Vanishing Level by no means talked about something about his mom being a significant DC heroine. Clearly that might not essentially need to be introduced up, however in Time Masters, rescuing Batman was an enormous a part of their mission. At that time, Harley was largely nonetheless related to The Joker, which feels prefer it might need come up.

Clearly that is all hypothesis, since no person at DC knew that they might ever experiment with Harley and Booster as potential romantic companions. Nonetheless, on the off probability the Harley crew had any plans to deal with Booster’s future, it looks as if they might additionally remember that there was nothing to assist the notion that Rip’s mother is Harley.

You would possibly get one thing resembling an actual reply in Batman Past. In that collection, written by Jurgens, Booster is making an look this fall — and it looks as if a visit to 25ish years sooner or later is an ideal alternative to a minimum of tease one thing on that entrance.

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