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Nigel Farage’s trip to the US to be investigated after attending the Trump rally

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Nigel Farage tweeted about his time in the United States (Picture: Adrian Smith).

The decision to admit Nigel Faraj to the United States to participate in the Donald Trump Rally is being reviewed.

Despite the fact that during the coronavirus blockade all travel from the United Kingdom was banned, US officials allowed Mr Faraj to enter the country under the national interest clause.

Benny G. Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi and Chairman of the National Security Committee, asked for all documents and information that led to this decision and stated that the trip had given rise to concern.

He wrote to Chad Wolfe, acting secretary of the Ministry of National Security (NBM): The trump card government’s decision to admit Mr Faraj to the United States to attend an election campaign, at a time when most journeys from the United Kingdom to the United States have been suspended, gives rise to much concern, as does the claim that such journeys are in the national interest.

This happened after American officials confirmed Mr Faraj’s release, despite speculation that his friend, the president, had helped him lift the travel ban.

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The 19th. On 19 June Nigel Faraj, the leader of the Braxit party in the United Kingdom, was denied boarding when he attempted to board a flight from the United Kingdom to the United States.

The first denial of promotion was based on a statement made by the President on 14 March. The European Commission has taken note of the decision of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 March to suspend the entry into the United States of certain foreign nationals who recently travelled to the United Kingdom in the context of the Covida pandemic. 19. The European Commission believes that the European Parliament and the Council should assist the Commission in finding a solution to the problems arising in the United Kingdom.

Nigel Farage at Donald Trump's rally.

Nigel Farage at a Donald Trump rally with a Power America big hat (Photo: Daveweigel / Twitter)

After careful consideration of the relevant facts and circumstances, DHS has decided that Mr Faraj should be allowed to travel in accordance with paragraph 2(a)(xi) of the Presidential Statement: any alien whose entry is in the national interest, as determined by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of National Security or their authorised persons, in order to allow Mr Faraj to board their aircraft.

Mr Farage was shown in a red hat at the Trump Rally on Saturday night, Make America again great.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been blocking entry since March for the majority of people, except for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, who were physically present in the United Kingdom within 14 days of entering the U.S., except in overseas territories outside Europe or the Republic of Ireland.

This happened after Mr Faraj was removed from LBC radio earlier this month because of his negative remarks about the national protests against Black Lives Matter.

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The first protests began in the United States after the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, who died after a white Minneapolis policeman knelt around his neck for almost nine minutes.

Mr Faraj was angry when he compared the BLM movement to the Taliban movement and told Good Morning in the UK that removing statues in memory of the slave traders was the worst example of crowd control.

In May, police also visited him for breaking the rules of solitary confinement after he left his home in Westerham, Kent Dover, claiming to have reported migrants.

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