Home Business Welspun employs ‘Penta Protocol’ and several stringent measures to ensure safety and wellbeing of its employees

Welspun employs ‘Penta Protocol’ and several stringent measures to ensure safety and wellbeing of its employees

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A robust five-layered security framework and requisite amenities have been made available for Welspun’s manufacturing facilities in Anjar and Vapi

Vapi (Gujarat) : As the country braces to come out of the lockdown period, Welspun India Limited, the global home textile major has introduced ‘Penta Protocol’, a five-layered security framework to ensure wellbeing and safety of its people. Through Penta Protocol, the company has laid down industry defining practices, standards and procedures to be followed by all employees, associates, partners, customers and other stakeholders to protect themselves in offices and manufacturing units. The purpose behind putting these procedures in place is to initiate a ‘behavioural change movement’, which will re-define the way people live, interact and do business, in future. It has also instituted several measures including apps and AI-led robots, amongst others to ensure holistic wellbeing of its members.

Penta-protocol is a robust five-layered security framework consisting of social distancing guidelines, workplace practices, thermal scanning, sanitization and several other strict regulations to curb the spread of coronavirus. Welspun is amongst the first few companies to undertake virtual audit by Big 4 firm for implementation of the Safety measures as per Penta-protocol in the factories.

The company has taken all vitalactionssuch as hosting awareness sessions through posters, toolbox talks, skits across all their manufacturing units to ensure the safety of their workforce and adherence to mandated guidelines. All common areas, canteens are fumigated periodically, and every vehicle is disinfected prior to daily use, including mandatory thermal screening of drivers. The company has provided all employees to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like face covers, masks, gloves along with ensuring the sanitization and fumigation of the equipment and instruments regularly across the shop floor. During work hours, the members have been advised to practice the strictest form of social distancing and self-hygiene practices while also following the alternate seating practices.

To ensure complete wellbeing of employees, Welspun has undertaken myriad measuresincluding the introduction of a WelHealApp, whichprovides for self-assessment of symptoms and creates general awareness pertaining to COVID-19. WelHealhelps with contact tracing and social distancing alerts. It is also equipped with geo-fencing and geo-tagging features. Furthermore, considering the remote location of Anjar(Gujarat), Welspun has deployed AI enabled robot at its Medical Centre to provide locals with medical assistance. The robot will create a virtual interactive space between a specialist doctor from anywhere in the world and the patient thereby bring world-class medical aid to them. The company also has 24*7 well equipped medical centres at all its locations

In order to proactively adopt a healthy regime, Welspun is distributing immunity boosting medicines and drinks like AyurvedicKadha to their entire staff, associates, contractual employees and their family members as well. The company also conducts day-to-day counselling sessions for the high and low risk quarantined associates in order to assess their health status and motivate them to fight the virus.Further, if an employee continuesto be absent for 4 days, the company immediately actions steps to understand the reason for absenteeism and know the status of that employee’s health.

Speaking on the implementation of Penta Protocol, Ms. DipaliGoenka, Jt MD & CEO, Welspun India Limited said “Welspun has always prioritized the wellbeing and safety of its people, especially during the unprecedented circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the implementation of Penta Protocol and putting in place advanced measures, we aim to continue safeguarding our employees in all aspects along with ensuring the business continuity. We firmly believe that these efforts will curb the spread of coronavirus and we will continue to serve our customers.”

In addition to all the measures for employees, Welspun also launched Project Saksham with an aim to connect with the families of employees residing in Bihar and Jharkhand to reassure them about the wellbeing of the workforce as well as build awareness amongst the local communities around precautionary measures to be taken to fight the spread of COVID-19. Welspun reached out to one lakh individuals across 15 districts to distribute masks and relevant informatory material, and to educate them about the initiatives undertaken by the company to ensure safety of its members.

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