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Yoga and Singing became new saga in fight against COVID-19 for Rtd.AIR Ad.DG

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Retd. Additional Director General AIR Harish Segon who fought Covid–19 by exercising his lungs through yoga and singing

Delhi : Retired Additional Director General of All India Radio Harish Segon has been supplementing his Corona treatment protocol with yoga and singing at Delhi’s Max Saket hospital and is convinced that it has helped him getting Corona negative after 15 days of gruelling treatment.

76-years old Harish Segon,  a heart patient with byepass surgery, got Corona along with his wife Uma who recovered soon but Segon’s case was complicated. He was permanently on oxygen and treatment was not helping much.

Plasma therapy was the option and luckily for Saigon, a donor turned up as an angel. Plasma was given on two days.

Segon’s son Ankur who is a doctor at Wisconsin Medical College and hospital in the USA,  is also a specialist in Covid-19 treatment. He could convince the Max Saket doctors that his father be allowed alongside to exercise his lungs through yoga and singing   as his experience with American patients on this supplementary therapy had been somewhat encouraging.

Still on oxygen, Harish Segon started Pranayam, Lom-Vilom and Kapalbhati types of yoga exercises several times in a day. He also started singing,  choosing his favourite number by Meenakumari, “Chand tanha hai aasman tanha…”.

Next day he sang a piece from Bachchan’s Madhushala followed by a ghazal by Ghalib.

Third day Segon’s report was Corona negative. Plasma must have helped but did yoga and singing supplemented the treatment?

Saigon is convinced it did. “It is not only a pleasant feeling, it is also a logical feeling. Corona, after all, is a lung disease. Yoga and singing are lung exercises and therefore quite beneficial especially in cases like mine with pre-existing ailments like byepass surgery”, he argues.

Segon’s sister Rama Chopra and her son Manish who is a Group Captain in IAF, too had chronic breathing problems that kept them in hospitals for months. But they have managed well with intensive yoga and singing.

Saigon advises everybody to do yoga exercises and singing daily . This will boost immunity by exercising the lungs. “Singing will give you a new energy to beat depression in a Covid-19 patient”, is the parting advice by Harish Segon who is still recovering but cheerful as he is already Corona negative.

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